Source code for html5lib.filters.alphabeticalattributes

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

from . import base

from collections import OrderedDict

def _attr_key(attr):
    """Return an appropriate key for an attribute for sorting

    Attributes have a namespace that can be either ``None`` or a string. We
    can't compare the two because they're different types, so we convert
    ``None`` to an empty string first.

    return (attr[0][0] or ''), attr[0][1]

[docs]class Filter(base.Filter): """Alphabetizes attributes for elements""" def __iter__(self): for token in base.Filter.__iter__(self): if token["type"] in ("StartTag", "EmptyTag"): attrs = OrderedDict() for name, value in sorted(token["data"].items(), key=_attr_key): attrs[name] = value token["data"] = attrs yield token